15 Fall Throw Pillows For Your Home

Just like you would transition your summer wardrobe into a fall one, it’s only natural that you would want to switch up your light, breezy home decor in place of a cozier, richer fall one. That beige linen throw pillow that offered a cool relief from the summer sun doesn’t quite offer the same cozy feel on a cold fall morning.

An easy way to switch your decor into fall mode is by swapping out your throw pillows for ones with rich colors and cozy textures. Colors like deep red, burgundy, and chocolate brown will really help to set a moodier tone for the season. Textures like wool, velvet, and faux fur are great cozy options for fall as well. If you’re still in summer mode, it’s time to switch out those pastel and linen pillows and opt for something like rich velvet throw pillows instead. To help with your décor transition, we’ve put together a few ways to embrace the season as well as 15 throw pillows that match. Take a look and get ready to cozy up this season!

Trade linen for velvet

Yanisin Solid Pillow Red, Gefion Solid Pillow Silver
This soft fabric is rich and lustrous and will really help to set the tone for fall. The colors you choose really depend on the palette you already have in your home, but we love both the rich red and the neutral grey.

Opt for wool


Hanan Plaid Pillow Grey, Eire Solid Pillow Dark Green, Ralston Plaid Pillow Grey
What says fall more than putting on a warm wool sweater? This cozy texture is the perfect way to add some fall flair into your home.

Get cozy with faux fur

faux fur

Valeska Faux Fur Pillow Off White, Valeska Faux Fur Pilow Gold, Valeska Faux Fur Pillow Black
Whether it’s a faux fur throw blanket or a few faux fur throw pillows, there’s no denying that there’s something cozy and inviting about this texture. While you wouldn’t want to cuddle up next to a faux fur pillow in the summer months, fall is the perfect time to swap out your light summer pillows for this elegant texture.

Go with rich colors

rich colors

Jasper Solid Pillow Blue, Wish Holiday Pillow Green, Uzma Solid Pillow Eggplant, Zahn Solid Pillow Red
Each season has its own color palette, and fall’s without a doubt is rich, dark, and jeweled-toned. Deep reds, purples, oranges, emerald greens, and navies are a few of our favorite hues to consider this season. Switch out those bright pastel throw pillows for one of our darker options above and you’ll be ready for fall in no time.

Mimic Nature’s Colors

seasonal colors

Klee Solid Pillow Orange, Nizar Solid Pillow Salsa, Acciai Solid Pillow Brown

Fall is all about embracing the changing season and taking color inspiration from nature. The best way to really embody the season in your decor is by mimicking these colors and choosing throw pillows that match. Oranges, yellows, reds, and browns are beautiful color choices to go along with those falling leaves outside. These colors go especially well with the neutrals in your home. Do you have a beige leather sofa? A few red throw pillows will really make the room pop. Even a rich chocolate brown pillow will set a moodier tone against a neutral sofa.