6 Ways the Right Curtains Can Change Your Space

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One design tip we’ve never forgotten over the years is not to underestimate the impact the right set of curtains can have on your space. Not only do curtains set the mood and attitude of the room, but they also tie everything together and give the room a polished, tailored look. Check out a few tips on how the right curtains can really change your space.

1. They Make Your Space Look Taller

While a lot of people tend to hang their curtains at eye-level, experts suggest hanging floor-length drapes above the window frame to elongate the space and draw your eye upward. This tip works especially well in bedrooms and living rooms where you spend most of your time. In a room without trim, hang your curtains around 15cm above the window. For a room with trim, try 10cm above the window. You may also want to have the curtain track extended out further than the windows, as it will allow the drapes to be opened completely and will let in more light and create the illusion of additional space.

2. They Make Your Room Look More Spacious

Not only can curtains make your room appear taller, but they can also make your room look and feel more spacious. Extending your curtains past your window frame will help to give the illusion of large windows, making the room look bigger and more open.

3. They Add a Pop of Color

A quick and easy way to add interest to your space is by adding a pop of color with your curtains. Whether it’s adding in a vibrant yellow to a monochromatic space for warmth or accessorizing the windows with a subtle pattern to add interest, curtains can be just the thing to introduce variety into your room. You can even accentuate the space even more by matching your throw pillows to your curtains to really tie everything together.

4. They Change the Mood of the Room

Curtains are often the first thing your eyes are drawn to as you enter a room, so it’s no surprise that the type of curtains you choose can really alter your room’s ambiance. Rich fabrics, bold colors and tiebacks give an air of sophistication to your space while thin, neutral curtains and bright prints lend themselves to a more casual ambiance.

5. They Create a Focal Point

When trying to build the focal point of a room, curtains are one design element that tend to get overlooked. To create a clear, eye-catching focal point, start by framing your windows with aesthetically pleasing curtains in a beautiful fabric and centering the main seating area in front of it. This will really accentuate your window and help draw the eye in as you enter the room.

6. They Tie Everything Together

Most people make the mistake of finding a curtain style that they really like and putting it in every room without worrying about whether it clashes or compliments the décor. In order to really tie your space together and make it as visually appealing as possible, you’ll want to make sure that your curtain choice reflects your room’s style as well as the décor in it. Make sure that the material of your curtains reflects the materials in the room and that the color works with your room’s color palette. Lastly, make sure you’re not choosing a material so thick or so light that it will throw off the balance of the room. You don’t want a heavy drape weighing down a light and airy design space. Following these tips will help you choose a curtain that not only reflects the aesthetic of the room, but also ties other elements like the couch, pillow and wall color together for a perfectly balanced space.