9 Glamorous Bedroom Ideas

Image via South Shore Decorating blog
Image via South Shore Decorating blog

Are you looking for a fresh start to the New Year? Start 2016 off strong and give your bedroom a glamorous makeover with these nine simple updates.

1. Hang a chandelier

Make a statement and replace your flush mount with an elegant chandelier to amp up the glamour in your bedroom. Go bold with an abundance of crystals, or pare it down with a mini chandelier.

2. Add a touch of velvet

With a distinctive sheen and soft feel, velvet is one of the most luxurious fabrics out there. Be sure to feature it in your space with piles of velvet throw pillows, a velvet headboard, or a velvet armchair to create a cozy reading nook.

3. Mix up metallic tones

Once a design faux pas, mixing metals is now a popular design element. Choose glistening lamps, picture frames, and hardware in a variety of metallic tones to create a lavish, layered look.

4. Incorporate faux fur

Place a Mongolian fur bench at the foot of your bed, beside the entry to your closet, or below a window to add form and function to your space. For a faux fur option that takes up less real estate, layer faux fur throw pillows on your bed for a luxe look with added comfort.

5. Add a vintage vanity

Nothing says glamour like a good vanity, and the vintage aspect only adds to the allure. Look for pieces with tri-fold mirrors and cabriole or reeded legs to add visual interest. Already have a space carved out for getting ready in the morning? A vanity can double as a stylish writing desk.

6. Invest in quality textiles

High-end fabrics make a notable difference in any space, but especially a bedroom. With textiles covering your bed, floor, and windows, you want to be sure that your fabric choices are soft yet durable. Think wool rugs, silk bedding, and lined curtains for a more luxurious drape.

7. Feature a large headboard

Go with a high-profile headboard in a tufted fabric or detailed wood to frame your bed. Be sure to choose something tall that will stand out from behind layers of pillows.

8. Hang a large mirror

Choose a sizeable wall mirror with an ornate frame to hang above a dresser, or an eye-catching floor-length mirror to lean against the wall. Your space will feel bigger, brighter, and more lavish as a result.

9. Pile on the accents

Top it all off with shimmering vanity trays, elegant candles, and metallic statuettes for a truly opulent space.

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