An Easy New Year’s Resolution? Buy American-made Décor

Here at The Pillow Collection, our goal is to provide you with the highest quality American-made throw pillows. We hire only the best American craftspeople to make our pillows, because we want only the best for our customers. Each of our products is made to order, cut by hand, and handled with care, but the benefits of American-made décor extend far beyond the quality of our products. Buying products made in the U.S.A. has a multitude of benefits that you may not even be aware of. So, why should you buy American-made decor this year?

Image via Liz Marie blog
Image via Liz Marie blog

1. It supports the U.S. economy.

When you buy products made in the U.S.A., your money remains in the U.S. economy. This ensures that our economy can grow and remain healthy.

2. It creates jobs.

There’s always someone behind the scenes who has been entrusted to make the products people want and need. Basic supply and demand indicates that when more American-made products are bought, more jobs are made available for American workers.

3. It promotes ethical working conditions.

When companies outsource the production of their products to other countries, it’s hard to know how their workers are being treated. Many countries have no child labor laws, little to no safety regulations for the workplace, and extremely low wages. When you buy U.S. made products, you can rest easy knowing that you’re supporting fair working conditions.

4. It’s better for the environment.

Buying American-made products lowers your carbon emissions significantly. Having to transport goods across the world does its fair share of damage to the environment. Plus, the raw materials for outsourced products are often sourced from yet another country, resulting in even more unnecessary pollution. On top of that, purchasing U.S. made products lowers transportation costs for both the company and the customer.

5. You’re more likely to receive high quality products.

United States companies are held to stricter quality standards than many other companies that operate outside of the U.S. When you pay for American-made products, you pay for quality.

So, if you’re still struggling to set a New Year’s resolution for 2016, how about this: buy American-made décor this year, and give back in the process. Support hard-working Americans, boost our economy, and help the environment. You won’t just be improving your house—you’ll be improving your home, and that’s something that we can all feel good about.

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