Bohemian Decorating 101

Love the boho look? Here’s how to achieve it at home.

Bohemian Decorating: The Essence

If you think that the best color scheme is all of them and prints are infinitely better when mixed together, bohemian style is probably right at home in your space. The look, which can best be described as “a little of this and a little of that” is whimsical, casual, and free-spirited, but can also feel worldly and sophisticated, too.

Bohemian Decorating: The Method

The key to achieving a fun look that also feels harmonious and in-synch is just a little bit of consideration to the juxtaposition of the decor, furniture, and accessories in your space (the key words being just a little bit, because ease is at the very center of bohemian style). For example, choose one or two hero colors that tie the others together, or pay attention to the scale of the prints you pick to ensure a variety, which will prevent a sea of pattern from blending together and feeling cacophonous. When it comes to furniture, choosing pieces with clean lines and natural wood tones–like midcentury modern pieces–will prevent them from competing with bright, bold textiles and decor.

Bohemian Decorating: The Inspiration

The best way to get started in creating a beautiful bohemian space is to take a look at rooms that do it right.

First, proof that bohemian and sophistication aren’t mutually exclusive. This space feels creative and worldly thanks to an eclectic mix of prints, textures and art, but it still manages to be streamlined thanks to neutral furnishings and a cohesive color scheme.

bohemian decor
Image via The Jungalow

For a look that’s more carefree, forget a strict color scheme, and instead choose three or four shades to repeat consistently throughout the space, then allow the rest of your decor to be any color or print that catches your eye.

Image via House to Home

This last room captures a truly wild-at-heart look: the color choices are bold for paint, decor, and furniture alike, and almost no surface is left un-embellished.

Image via Apartment Therapy
Image via Apartment Therapy

Bohemian Throw Pillows:

Throw pillows are an easy way to begin to create a bohemian space, since they’re inexpensive and can serve as a jumping off point for the rest of the room. Below are a few of our favorites from our collection: these pillows are just begging to be mixed and matched!

p18-hsf-tribalfind-fruity-c100bohemian throw pillow - lime







boho pillow blueboho throw pillow

p18-pt-gere-olive-l100_1ikat blue throw pillow