Dorm Room Decor Tips (and Picks) for Back-to-School

When you’re moving into your first college dorm room, you might be wondering how you can possibly take such a bland space and turn it into a place you’re looking forward to spending your time in. With a few key decorating and storage tips, you can add your own personal style to your new home sweet home in no time.

Add Wall Decals

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Since most colleges don’t allow you to paint the walls, your best bet to add some color onto white walls is with wall decals. Wall decals are extremely popular, so the good news is there are a ton of options to choose from. Some of our favorites are playful quotes, a graphic map, or fun geometric shapes. If you choose a map, a lot of students are decorating them by marking off the places they’ve been or want to go. The sky really is the limit with wall decals, and the best part is you can easily peel them off without damaging the wall beneath.


The easiest way to personalize your dorm room is with fun bedding. Most dorm beds are a size Twin XL, so chances are you’ll have to purchase new bedding anyway. This is your chance to have fun with colors and textures. Whether you choose a simple comforter and accessorize with a vibrant throw blanket or keep things neutral with a solid color, remember the bed will be the focal point of your room.

Coordinate a Theme

If you’re sharing your space with one or a few people, we recommend coordinating with them before school starts to talk about your room theme. Remember, the more cohesive the space is, the better it will flow. Whether you’re bohemian or minimalistic, coordinating a theme with your roommates will help keep the space from being too busy. You’ll also want to coordinate the items you’re brining. Do you want to bring a rug and have your roommate buy curtains? This will prevent clutter and will save you from having two or more sets of everything. Do make sure if you’re splitting the cost of larger items like a TV, that you know who’s going to be taking it when the semester is finished.

Add an Area Rug


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Add a colorful area rug to bring your space together and brighten up your room. Whether you’re considering purchasing or bringing one from home, make sure to check in with your potential roommates to make sure it will fit their style and will go along with the items they’re brining.

Customize Your Storage


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In order to really make your room pop, why not customize your storage boxes? Dorms rooms only start to look cluttered when things aren’t properly stored in boxes, so to combat mess and keep your room looking cute, decorate simple storage boxes. You can use stencils to paint geometric shapes or find some fun decals to stick on them. 

Decorate with Throw Pillows

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Decorative throw pillows will not only add color and style to your dorm room, but they will also make your room feel a little more like home. By decorating your bedding with our high-quality designer throw pillows, you’ll be able to create a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere that you’ll look forward to spending time in! We have thousands of options available, so you’ll really be able to pick colors and textures that fit your personal style.

To help you shop, we handpicked a few fun options to accessorize your dorm room with!