Get the Look: Country Cottage Style

Country cottage design is one of the most enduring and popular looks in home decor, and it’s no wonder: The style is made up of an irresistible combination of traditional roots and charming touches that work together to create a space that’s cozy and welcoming.

Love the look but not sure how to achieve it at home? Here are a few of the fundamental elements of a country cottage home that’ll help you start off your design in the right direction.

Country cottage throw pillows - savvy southern style
Image via Savvy Southern Style

1. Antique touches. Antiques or vintage finds add a warmth and history that’s an essential part of a country home. But that doesn’t mean you need to seek out expensive heritage pieces. Stop at a local flea market or yard sale and look for smaller items or accents–orchard baskets, shaker-style dining chairs, painted benches and stools, or books and wall art–that will add weathered appeal to your space without breaking the bank.

2. Classic silhouettes. Furniture in a country cottage home should have a timeless, traditional shape–no clean, modern lines here. Try a slipcovered sofa, a rustic farmhouse dining table, armchairs in a patterned upholstery, or turned wood pieces.

Country cottage style pillows 2 - HGTV
Image via HGTV

3. The Right Scheme. Colors that evoke the farm — apple red, cornsilk yellow, grassy green or sky blue — are the basis of a country color palette. Mix a few shades together for an eclectic look, or if you prefer a more neutral space, choose one color and use it as an accent hue across wall art, throw pillows, and decor.

4. Pastoral Prints. Textiles are what will truly designate your space as “country.” Seek out telltale patterns like plaid, ticking stripes, and gingham, or whimsical prints like farm animal motifs, and don’t be afraid to mix-and-match.  Your end result should look anything but perfectly planned, which would be far too stuffy for the welcoming country home.

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