Last-Minute Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas and Guidelines

When you’re holiday shopping for your entire family, your friends, your co-workers, your kids’ teachers, your dog, and your babysitter, it’s easy to forget gifts for those who truly make the season a merry one: the people who play host or hostess to all of the holiday celebrations we attend throughout the month. Though hostess gifts aren’t a necessary part of attending a party, it’s always nice to bring a gesture of thanks in the season of giving.

If you have a party coming up and are at a loss for what to bring, here are a few tried-and-true hostess gift ideas and tips.

Image via Jenny Steffens
Image via Jenny Steffens

  1. Make it something easy on the hostess. A large bouquet of flowers or a homemade apple pie may seem like great, easy gift ideas, but these well-intentioned gestures will require the hostess to stop what she’s doing and tend to your gift, finding and filling a vase for the flowers, or clearing out some space in an over-stuffed fridge or freezer. If you do want to go the food or floral route, opt for pre-potted plants (like a Poinsettia), or non-perishable items like a tray of cookies or a bottle of wine, which can be left on the counter until the next day.
  2. Get inspired by the season. Small, holiday-themed gifts, like tree ornaments or picture frames are always appropriate (and can also be found almost anywhere this time of year). Or, give a cozy gift that will be appreciated all winter long like a pair of slippers, a down-filled throw pillow, or a knitted throw blanket.
  3. Bundle up. Nope, we’re not suggesting you give your hostess a new winter coat or pair of gloves. Instead, try giving a basket of small items with a theme — bath salts, a candle, and lotion for an at-home spa day, or a Netflix gift card and popcorn for a family movie night.

What are your favorite hostess gift ideas?

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