Trend Spotlight: The Long Lumbar Pillow

This week we’re shining a spotlight on one of our favorite of the moment trends: the long lumbar pillow. Interior designers have long touted long lumbar pillows as an easy way to give your bed, couch or bench an effortlessly stylish look. To provide you with a little inspiration on lumbar pillow sizing, placement and styling, we’ve gathered some helpful tips below.

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What Size Do I Need?

Our lumbar pillows, sold via our sister company Loom Decor, come in three different sizes: 12” x 24,” 14” x 36,” and 14” x 48.” The size you choose depends on where you’re planning on placing it, as well as the dimensions of the furniture you’re decorating. To help you get started, we’ve gathered a few handy sizing tips:

  • For a small sofa, the best lumbar pillow size is typically the smallest option of 12”x 24.”
  • For a long, deep sofa, typically the 14” x 36” size or 14” x 48” are perfect fits allowing you to mix and match a few standard throws in there for dimension and decoration.
  • For sectionals, typically the 12” x 24” smallest lumbar pillow is best, but depending on your dimensions, you can choose whichever fits best with your sectionals’ unique size.
  • For Queen and King beds, which are 60” and 76″ wide, the longest lumbar pillow makes for a great standout centerpiece.

Where Should I Style It?

On your bed: Lumbar pillows have gained traction over the past few years as an effortless way to style your bed. Instead of decorating your Queen or King bed with a handful of throw pillows, opt for a lumbar pillow instead and use it as the only accent pillow. Not only will it liven up your space, but it will also cut the process of making your bed in half.

long lumbar pillows

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On your couch: A long lumbar pillow makes for an ideal statement piece in the center of your couch. You can either use it to bring the room together by choosing a neutral pattern or color, or make it the statement of the room with a bold color or pattern choice.

long lumbar pillow on sofa

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On your window nook bench: Another way to utilize your lumbar pillows is to liven up a window nook with one. Center it in the middle of the couch and place front and center in front of your other throw pillows to set the tone. Depending on the size of your cushions, you can also try the smaller size of the lumbar pillow.

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In the nursery: We love this dreamy nursery created by Loom Décor founder, Ashley, along with Lauren & Wolf design. The yellow lumbar pillow really brightens up the room and ties in the other décor elements while creating a dreamy space for your child to rest.

long lumbar pillow nursery

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via Loom Décor Instagram and Laurel & Wolf