Orange Decor Ideas: How to Use The Halloween Hue All Year Round

Orange is a color that’s most often associated with fall: it’s the color of pumpkins, changing leaves, butternut squash, and flames in the fireplace, and it’s also the hallmark hue of both Halloween and Thanksgiving. Which means that when it comes time to decorate for the fall holidays, orange is almost always the first shade to be incorporated.

But orange is also a beautiful hue to have around the house at all times of the year, and can feel surprisingly seasonal in the winter, spring, and summer, too. It just comes down to choosing the right context. So don’t put those pumpkin-colored throw pillows away as soon as December rolls around–they might just be the inspiration your need for a new room makeover. Just ahead of Halloween, we’ve put together a few of our favorite ideas for using orange decor all year round.

Mix orange with blue. The two shades are opposites on the color wheel, and paired together, they look striking. For a bold approach, try bright orange with saturated royal blue, and for a subtler take, choose a pale turquoise shade instead.

blue-orange-room-california home design
Image via California Home Design
Image via Tobi Fairley

Get inspired by citrus. For a vibrant, cheerful look, try mixing orange with other citrus shades like lemon yellow and lime green. To keep the style refined, ensure the rest of your decor sticks to a simple, neutral palette.
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orange room decor -
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Try a muted scheme. Orange doesn’t have to be bright, and can feel surprisingly sophisticated and subtle in darker or more muted tones. Here, burnt orange looks rich paired with walnut wood tones and grass cloth wallpaper.

Image via Decorating Files
Image via Decorating Files

And below, a dark pumpkin colored sofa brings warmth to a modern space.

orange velevet sofa - vintage revivals
Image via Vintage Revivals

Add it as an accent color. Orange doesn’t need to be the focal point of your decor scheme. It makes a big impact even in small doses, especially in rooms that are otherwise neutral.

Image via Decorpad
Image via Decorpad
Monticello Homes
Image via Monticello Homes

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