Room Design Inspiration: One Pillow Three Ways

A few weeks back we talked about how textiles, especially throw pillows, can serve as a jumping off point for an entire room design. We love the approach because, while throw pillows are an effective muse for setting set color and pattern direction for a room, the idea potential that can generated from a single pillow is unlimited. There’s a good chance that if ten people designed a room around the same throw pillow, each space would be completely different.

To show you how powerful the perfect pillow can be, we’ve put together three completely different room designed, all inspired by a single throw pillow, our Calico Ikat Pillow in Blue/Green.

the pillow collection ikat pillow

Look 1: Global & Bohemian
The first look that jumped to mind was something collected and bohemian, inspired by the global natural of the Ikat print. We paired it with rich, complementary tones, and pieces with an equally worldly feel. 

room design inspiration - bohemian

Bright & Preppy:
By pairing the pillow with bright colors, crisp shades of white, and glimmering gold, it takes on a clean, preppy feel. The green lacquered Chinoiserie-style chest is also a subtle tie back to the Ikat print, which has roots in cultures in Latin America, India, China, and more.

room design inspiration - bright and preppy

Tropical & Traditional
To take the style in a completely different direction, we juxtaposed the pillow against pieces with an island vibe- a palm-tree print rug, banana leaf artwork, a bamboo console table, and a classic plantation sofa. Here, the pillow serves to add a pop of color to the nature-inspired scheme.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 12.25.16 PM

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