Rustic Pillow Covers For Your Farmhouse Style Home

Are you looking for rustic pillow covers to complement your farmhouse or country style decor? Here at The Pillow Collective, we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re looking to go the textured route with a fabric like burlap, or you’d rather stick with a classic plaid vibe, we’ve put together a few options for you to consider.

If you already have pillows and are just looking to swap out the covers, we offer the option of only purchasing the covers. This is a great alternative if you just want to swap out your cases for the season or are looking to revamp your room without buying new pillows as well.

Burlap Pillow Cover


Emese Stripe Pillow Burlap

Burlap is one of those fabrics that is extremely versatile. Whether it is used as a home décor fabric or as a wedding decoration, this material really brings a rustic feel to any space.

Antler Print Pillow Covers


Eachter Graphic Pillow Storm Twill

It’s no secret that this print has grown in popularity over the years. Nowadays antlers adorn everything from mugs to kitchy t-shirts. Why not jump on the antler bandwagon and consider decorating your country home with some fun antler print pillows. This illustrative take on traditional lodge décor is a great way to add a bit of a playful vibe to your room. Depending on your room’s personality, you can go with a subtle antler print or something more detailed like our Eachter Graphic Pillow above.

Plaid and Gingham Pillow Covers


Baldric Plaid Pillow Dove, Ofer Plaid Pillow Mulberry, Nelson Plaid Pillow Black White

There’s something about plaid and gingham that make you want to just curl up in front of the fire with a book. These cozy patterns are the perfect way to bring a rustic vibe into your country home. Which color and pattern you choose really depends on the furniture you already have in your room. If plaid is a common theme throughout, you’ll want to stay in the same color family to continue the trend.

Ticking Stripe Pillow Covers

ticking stripes

Quenilda Stripes Pillow Tan

This sturdy, traditional fabric is known for its durability and versatility. It’s the perfect accessory to add to a rich leather couch or a linen sofa. We especially love this design because it adds a crisp, clean feel to your home.

Faux Bois Pillow Covers

faux bois pillow cover

Kratie Graphic Pillow Dove

Faux bois pillowcases bring a rustic, earthy quality into your home. If you’re looking to really create a country feel, mimicking nature is the perfect way to do this. This beautifully crafted pillowcase adds just the right amount of personality to any space.

Distressed Throw Pillow Covers


Daker Weave Pillow Stone

While we love the look of a crisp, clean pattern or fabric, there’s something special about pillows with a weather look to them. Chances are your country home already has a similar theme complete with weathered wood and muted colors. Why not continue this theme with your pillows? You can accomplish this look with muted colors like browns, beiges, and grays, as well as with woven fabrics or worn leather.