The Best Traditional Throw Pillows for Your Home

Do you love traditional decor? Then throw pillows are a must have finishing touch for creating the polished, sophisticated, slightly formal look that defines the style.

These five prints are practically made for traditional style homes, though each will give your space a slightly different feel. Read on for tips on choosing the best traditional throw pillows for your home.

Floral throw pillow bedroom - Traditional home
Image via Traditional Home

Floral prints are a classic element in traditional decor, but the exact pattern you choose can take your space in a direction that’s slightly country, more contemporary, or completely feminine. Small-scale chintz, for example, is reminiscent of a country cottage, while graphic-style florals offer a more modern look and watercolor patterns feel soft and feminine.

traditional floral throw pillow traditional floral throw pillowfloral throw pillow

For a preppy bent on traditional style, incorporate sleek stripes. Mixing and matching scales will create a more dynamic look, but stripes also pair well with any of the other patterns we’ve listed here.

traditional striped throw pillownavy striped throw pillow  pink green striped throw pillow

Toile is arguably the most classic print there is. Its intricacy and delicacy combined with the bucolic scenes it depicts instantly connote a traditional feel. For a historic home, pair toile with antiques for a period look, or give the pattern a more updated feel by juxtaposing it with larger-scale stripes or geometric prints.

French country blue toile throw pillowred toile throw pillow blue toile throw pillow

Ok, so this example might be a little extreme...Image via between naps on the porch
Ok, so this example might be a little extreme…Image via between naps on the porch

Damask is a pattern that is decidedly traditional but also quite versatile. In bright colors and light fabrics like cotton, it feels fresh and crisp. But in heavy woven versions, jewel tone hues, and fabrics like silk or jacquard the print takes on an elegant, aristocratic air.

navy white damask throw pillow olive white damask throw pillow gold damask throw pillow - traditional style

Traditional spaces tend to be print-heavy, so if you already have two or three patterns in your space, opt for solid throw pillows in a color that complements the rest of the room. Using solid throw pillows will give the eye a place to rest among elaborate decor, and ensure the space doesn’t cross the line from “sophisticated” to “busy.”

cream colored traditional throw pillow blue velvet throw pillowtraditional solid throw pillows


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