Throw Pillow Trends for 2016

throw pillow trends 2016

Décor trends come and go, but one of the easiest ways to stay up-to-date on all things interior design related is to update your selection of throw pillows. They’re easy to swap and store, and the right ones can instantly revitilize a space. So, what are the hottest throw pillow trends this year? We’ll break it down for you below.

Introduce a new kind of plant life to your home with throw pillows that feature lively botanical prints. A truly versatile trend, there are botanical designs suited to every décor style. Subtle neutral designs with delicate linework achieve an understated elegance, while bold patterns in bright colors amp up the energy. For a more laidback bohemian space, choose a print that finds its roots in paisley.

floral throw pilloww 2

botanical throw pillow

floral throw pillow 1Birds:

The perfect complement to botanicals, prints featuring birds will be seen everywhere this year. With its large range of styles and colors, this is another trend that will work effortlessly in any home. You can go graphic, minimal, or even give traditional styles a more modern update with a multicolored print.

1- bird throw pillow
bird print throw pillow 2


Ikat and other globally inspired patterns are still going strong, providing a fresh, fun pick-me-up to existing décor. Spring for a standard ikat in a bright color, or go for a smaller-scale pattern with intricate lines. Mix and match different prints such as these to invigorate a bedroom or living room.

ikat throw pillow in red


Blue ikat throw pillow 2

gray ikat throw pillow

Faux fur:
Sheepskin rugs and faux fur poufs were center stage in 2015, and this year that same coziness has been applied to throw pillows. Amp up the glamour with white faux fur pillows, or channel rustic log cabin vibes with darker neautrals like black, brown, or even dark grey.

faux fur mink throw pillow

white faux mongolian throw pillow

black faux fur throw pilow

Velvet is the epitome of luxury, but if a sofa or headboard in the luxe fabric is too much of an investment for you, velvet throw pillows are the perfect solution. Pile on velvet pillows in solid, neutral colors, or choose subtle patterns like delicate diamond quilting or a small-scale geometric print to add a little more visual interest.

solid velvet throw pillow

velvet cranberry throw pillow


vlevet greek key throw pillow

Rose Quartz:
Ring in the New Year with one of 2016’s most coveted colors. Rose Quartz, one of Pantone’s two 2016 colors of the year, can be seen everywhere from handbags to shoes to, yes, throw pillows. Give your favorite pattern a new twist in this fresh, pale pink to instantly update your space.

pink toile throw pillow

pale pink throw pillows

Rose quartz throw pillow



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